TMCNP masternurseryThe Texas Master Certified Nursery Professional (TMCNP) course is designed for nursery professionals that have already achieved TCNP status. It enhances the intensive summary of skills and knowledge that you have already achieved as a TCNP and updates that knowledge with the latest information, research, and technology.

The TMCNP preparation course is available online. You can also register and take the final exam at home or at work, whenever it is convenient for you.


Exam Breakdown

1. Register for the final exam by filling out the TMCNP Application

2. Pay for the exam

3. Once you apply and pay, you will receive an order number via email to take the exam here. The exam does have a time limit of 120 minutes and you must pass with a score of 70% or higher. Exam is 100 comprehensive questions.


You must meet both of the following:

-Must hold an active TCNP status

-Must have 4,000 hours cumulative industry work experience

Training Materials

Purchase the trainings by visiting  the TNLA Academics

View the trainings and take practice quizzes to prepare for the final exam.

Easily accessible training modules in the areas of plant pests and diseases, soil management, plant materials, and business development.  Firsthand knowledge from experts such as Dr. Don Wilkerson, Dr. Charlie Hall, Dr. Larry Barnes, Dr. Doug Welch, Dr. Fred Davies, and Dr. Carlos Bogran.


Exam fee for the TMCNP exam is $125 for members and $250 for non-members.  Retest fees are $75 for members and $150 for non-members.

Course fee for the TMCNP training is $275 for TNLA members and $550 for non-members. Find out more about becoming a TNLA member.


The TMCNP certification is valid for a 2-year period. During that time, TMCNPs are required to earn 10 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in order to renew.

If you hold more than one certification, these CEUs will apply to all certifications you hold.

Renewal is $50 for TNLA members and $100 for non-members for the 2-year certification period.  Click here for more info.

Ron Hill, TCLP, TMCNP, describes what being certified means to him