Make Certification Work for You


You’ve earned it, why not promote it?  Create a buzz and promote yourself and/or the certified professionals on staff that help make your business a success. By marketing your TNLA certifications, you can enhance your company’s image and increase your competitive edge.

*Add the TNLA Certification logo to company trucks, letterhead, business cards, shirts, checks, website, email signature, store windows, etc.

* Display your TNLA Certified Professional certificate in the store or office.

*Add a picture or profile of your TNLA Certified Professional employees to your company website. 

*Create signs for your garden center that promote a plant(s) that a TNLA Certified Professional on your staff recommends. 

*Wear your TNLA Certified Professional name badge. Need a replacement badge? Order form here

Contact TNLA today so we can email you the TNLA Certification logo!  Email or call James Theiss at (512) 579-3860.

Photo courtesy of Scotty Rigsby, proud Texas Certified Landscape Professional (TCLP),  Silverado Lawn & Landscaping, LLC, Midlothian, TX

TNLA Promotional Kit

Cert promo The Certification Promotional Kit is a tool that allows companies to have access to necessary marketing material that will help make their business a success. By marketing TNLA Certifications and Certified Professionals on staff, a company can enhance its image and increase its competitive edge in today's marketplace.

This promotional kit is equipped with:


--certification logos

--print ads

--sample letterhead

--sample business cards

--certification posters

--rack card templates



How to use this to promote your business

You are encouraged to use the materials listed below in your own marketing efforts.

--include the certification logo in print ads, newsletters, in your bids, or on your letterheard and business cards.

--Hang a banner in your store or outside your office.

--Stretch the website banner across your homepage.

--Include the Certification stamp in your own advertisements.

--Pin posters inside your store or include a power point slide when making presentations to prospective clients.

--Submit a news release to your local newspaper announcing new Certified Professionals on staff.

Making certification work for you!

Let consumers know they are doing business with true professionals that hold a high degree of knowledge and skill level in the nursery and landscape industry. To order the promotional CD, please email your request to

TNLA Rack Cards

Utilize these rack cards to promote the TNLA certification program and certified professionals on staff. Rack cards can be given to customers as they check-out of your retail garden center, or put into invoices or prospect packets for landscapers.

To order rack cards, please email your request to